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W O O D L A N D   P H O T O G R A P H Y

Daniela ter Steege

The sun will rise in a few minutes.

The air is cool and clear.

Tits, robins, blackbirds and wrens are singing their morning song.

A little mist and fog drift through the woods and countryside.

Glistening dew lies on the blades of grass and leaves of the trees.

The first light of day will provide the scenery with a mood that is unique among thousands.

I have been photographing these moments since 2017 and exhibiting them here as my portfolio.

In addition to photographing forests and landscapes, the protection and preservation

of these habitats is also very important to me.

The principle of leaving a place better than you found it is just as much a part of my photography routine

as the hope that everyone who enjoys my images will realise how privileged we are

to be able to visit these places. At home as well as on travels.

Thank you all very much for the interest in my work.

Daniela ter Steege

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